Welcome to Frontier Plugins.

This site will be used for documentation of the Frontier WordPress Plugins:

Frontier Post

Frontier Post Articles

Simple, Fast & Secure frontend management of posts – Add, Edit, Delete posts from frontend.

Intention of the Frontier Post plugin is to enable front end posting and editing on your blog. Allowing your users to create content easy, with no need to go into the back-end. Editors and Administrators can use Frontier to edit posts from the frontend (Can be enabled/disabled in settings), and at the same time go to the backend for more advanced options.

Frontier Post is intentionally made simple 🙂

Now with emojis 😄😱📲 (requires WordPress 4.2).

Documentation on this site is from Frontier Post version 3.3.x and onwards

Frontier Post on wordpress.org: Download Plugin | Plugin Support


Frontier Query

Frontier Query Articles

Display lists and grouping of posts in widgets, posts and pages, using shortcodes and widgets. Breakdown posts by categories, taxonomies, date, post type etc.

Simple and easy to use.

Frontier Query on wordpress.org: Download Plugin | Plugin Support


Frontier Buttons

Frontier Buttons Articles

Control and organize the button layout of your WP editor toolbar. Adds Smileys, Table control, Search/Replace & Preview to WP Editor using tinyMCE.

This plugin has been created to separate the tinyMCE editor options from Frontier Post.

Simple and easy to use.

Frontier Buttons on wordpress.org: Download Plugin | Plugin Support


Frontier set Featured

Frontier Set Featured will set featured image from images in the post if no featured image is set by the user.

Frontier Set Featured wordpress.org: Download Plugin | Plugin Support


Frontier Restrict Backend

Frontier Restrict Backend will restrict users from access to the backend (admin area)

Users without the capability manage_options will not have access to the backend (admin area, and will be redirected to the home url.

Frontier Restrict Backend on wordpress.org: Download Plugin | Plugin Support


Frontier Restrict Media

Frontier Restrict media will restrict users to only access their own media files

Users without the capability edit_others_posts will only have access to their own media files from the media gallery

Frontier Restrict Media on wordpress.org: Download Plugin | Plugin Support